Question: Kevin Smith. Joss Whedon. Lucy Lawless. Michael Ausiello. Just look at the company of guest stars you are in at Veronica Mars I'm proud of you! How'd it go on Friday? And which was the better "guesting" experience: Veronica or Gilmore?

Answer: Please dont make me choose. OK, Veronica Mars wins but only because they gave me (pause for dramatic effect) my very own trailer! I. Kid. You. Not. In case you live under a really big, soundproof rock, I landed on Mars' San Diego set Friday morning to tape my role as "Blushing Guy" in Episode 15, airing Feb. 22. (It's all part of my bid to take over the world a big behind-the-scenes feature coming up in TV Guide magazine and on Who the heck is Blushing Guy, you ask? He's a pivotal character who finds himself pulled into a bachelorette party being thrown for (spoiler alert) the sister of Wallace's new girlfriend, Jane (Valorie Curry), at Java the Hut. I initially thought Veronica was the one throwing the party, but she just happens to be working at Java that day. Still, Kristen Bell (aka MNBF) was in the scene and we did get a chance to bond between takes. Alas, I don't have any speaking lines damn you, SAG rules but I do serve a very specific purpose (hint: something happens at the party that makes me blush). And not to toot my own horn or anything, but when I finished my scene, the cast and crew gave me a standing ovation and I was immediately nicknamed "Two-take Mike." The whole experience nearly brought MNBF to tears, but more on that in the forthcoming mag story. (But if you press me really hard, I may spill in next week's AA.)