Kevin and Danielle Jonas Kevin and Danielle Jonas

Jonas Brothers fans have seen oldest brother Kevin sing and act, and now they'll get to see him in another role: husband.

On the new E! reality series Married to Jonas, cameras follow Kevin and his wife Danielle as they learn to adapt to each other's polar opposite parents and ponder if they should start their own family — all while Kevin and his brothers Nick and Joe reunite to record their next album.

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Check out the five things Kevin and Danielle are most excited for viewers to see when their show debuts on Sunday at 10/9c on E!

1. Stars: They're Just Like Us!
The duo may live in an extraordinary life, but that doesn't mean they don't argue over ordinary things. "We didn't live together before [we were married] and weren't in the same place a lot, so she had to get used to that I'm not the cleanest," Kevin tells us. "I'm also absentminded, but I'm a musician; I'm allowed to be."

2. Danielle's Father, the Breakout Star
From the first scene of the series, viewers will see the boisterous Mr. Deleasa show up unannounced and walk right upstairs toward the Jonases' bedroom. But Danielle says she's used to his intrusions and loves his over-the-top personality. "Growing up, I always thought he was hilarious and if I was in the worst mood, he'd make it better," she says. "Of course, I'm his daughter and I think he's so funny, but now the whole world is saying it!"


3. The Jonas Brothers Are Back!
The brothers had split up to work on solo projects, but have now reunited for their next album and tour. "We had churned out five albums in three and a half years and it was time to step back live a little bit of life, have some experiences and then bring that to the table," Kevin says. "We all feel like it's finally time."

4. Baby Fever All Around
Danielle may be ready for a bambino, but in the first episode, she's shocked when her father-in-law brings up the subject like it's a business decision at the dinner table. "It's hard because you're trying to figure it out on your own and then you have people reminding you all the time," Danielle says. "It's like, 'Yes, I want to be pregnant and maybe I am,' but we want to [be ready] when we do have one and focus on it. But [the talk] is a constant reminder that it's next."

5. Opposites Attract
While Kevin lives for performing on stage, Danielle prefers to remain behind the scenes. "I don't think I'll ever get used to [being in the public eye] and I'm fine with it," she says. In the premiere, the couple hits the red carpet together, but Danielle starts to get anxious upon arrival. Even talking to her family later on, Danielle worries about getting along with Kevin's mom because she's quiet and shy, while her mother-in-law is not.

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