CBS' Kevin Can Wait shocked many when it decided to kill off one of its main characters. Yes, a CBS multi-camera comedy is pulling a Walking Dead and dropping the axe on Erinn Hayes' character Donna, wife of Kevin James' title character, and now we know why. Sort of!

Kevin Can Wait executive producer Rob Long spoke with TV Line about the controversial decision, and the short answer is that killing off Donna made a quick line towards a common sitcom situation — single dad has to learn how to mom — and was done "out of respect" for Hayes and her character.

"Out of respect for the character of Donna — and certainly the way that Erinn Hayes portrayed her — it seemed like the only right and fair way to treat her character," Long told TV Line. Ummm, okay.

However, the original idea came about when producers decided that watching James learn the ropes of caring for the kids as a single dad would be good for the show. "The goal was to give Kevin's character a real drive and a real predicament [involving] how a family comes back together [after tragedy]," Long said.

Kevin Can Wait Is Killing Off Erinn Hayes in Season 2

There's no word on how Donna will meet her maker (perhaps a "respectful" steamroller running her over?), but CBS bosses previously confirmed that there will be a time jump so we can guess that Season 2 will start off with Donna already pushing daisies and Kevin wondering what happened when he washed whites with colors.

Kevin Can Wait will return for Season 2 on Sept. 25 at 9/8c on CBS.

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