Kenley Collins Kenley Collins

And now she won't be Kenley Penley.

Kenley Collins, Project Runway's retro-fied Season 5 finalist, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, E! Online reports. The designer was arrested last month on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon after her then-fiancé, musician Zak Penley, 28, accused her of attacking him with her pet cat.

A Brooklyn judge ordered Collins to pay a $120 fine and barred her from contacting Penley for two years. Collins' sentence was reduced because Penley did not seek treatment, according to the district attorney.

Penley had also accused her of tossing a laptop and three apples at him, and dousing him with water.

Collins denied Penley's claims two weeks ago, saying she "gently" put the cat on the bed.