Kendall Jenner for Interview Magazine Kendall Jenner for Interview Magazine

Kendall Jenner is breaking out of the shadow of her famous older sisters with a little help from a provocative new photo shoot. The 18-year-old posed topless for a spread in the new issue of Interview magazine.

In one photo, Jenner uses her hands to cover her breasts as her seemingly wind-blown hair covers part of her face. In a second photo, she sits topless in what appears to be a makeup chair and uses her right arm to cover her chest.

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And it's not just her topless photos that show off a lot of skin. In one of her more demure shots, she wears a cutout, long-sleeved top and short shorts to show off her fit tummy and legs. In another, she lefts the side of her skirt up to reveal her upper thigh.

Still best known for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner has started to make her own mark in the fashion industry. In addition to walking several designer runway shows in New York and Paris, she has recently appeared in Vogue (alongside her sister Kylie Jenner) and French Vogue. "To be honest, this is exactly what I wanted to be," Kendall told Interview of being a model. "I was always looking up to supermodels. They were, like, my superheroes."

What do you think of Kendall's provocative photo shoot?

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