Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon. We never realized how much we missed Good Burger until Wednesday night.

Former All That co-stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunited on Wednesday's Tonight Show for a classic Good Burger sketch, featuring Fallon reminiscing about his first job (shoving grapes up his nose behind the Good Burger counter, of course) and performing musical numbers with the customers, including Steve Higgins and Tariq Trotter from The Roots.

In a role reversal, Fallon plays a worker alongside Mitchell as dopey Ed, and Thompson shows up as customer Lester Oakes. Obviously the whole thing ends with a singalong to "I'm a Dude."

We've reached peak '90s/Nickelodeon nostalgia. Check out the sketch here: