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Kenan & Kel Still Has The Best Opening Two Decades Later

After 20 years, nothing beats Coolio

Merrill Barr

On July 15, 1996, Nickelodeon premiered Kenan & Kel, a sitcom starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell (who had found fame teaming up in various sketches on All That such as "Good Burger"). In the family comedy, the two actors starred as fictionalized versions of their teenage selves living in Chicago.

Since the '90s, the show has gone on to gain cult status for a variety of running gags including Kenan's screaming catchphrase "Whyyyy" and Kel's obsession with orange soda. However, something that has transcended even Kel's love poems to soda is the series' opening credits, which features a number performed by "Gangsta's Paradise" creator Coolio. We're here to celebrate that.


From the moment it began, children of the '90s were glued to their TV screens watching Coolio seemingly stuck in the famous Nickelodeon globe sculpture.


For real, can someone get Coolio out of the globe, please?


Then, once Coolio escaped the perilous sphere, he joined the boys as they busted a few moves.


Which is when things started getting a little weird. Like, orange couch weird.


And Coolio would just start staring at random guitars at the Hard Rock Cafe.


Seriously, what is Kel even doing here?


These guys would just not stop dancing for a full minute straight.


Eventually though, it would all culminate in everyone gathering back on the famed orange couch that defined Nickelodeon for a generation to enjoy the show.


And just like that, Coolio went from the man that gave us "Gangsta's Paradise" to the man that rapped the fictional lives of Nick's first dynamic duo for four seasons in a row. Since then, the glorified music video has continued surpassing every TV show opening that has come after it for the last two decades.

There have been some iconic themes since Kenan & Kel - even ones that got real meta on us (looking at you Psych). However, none of them match the sheer pleasure derived from Kenan and Kel hanging out with Coolio for an evening.

So, unless your intro features the famed artist pulling up in a convertible with Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell dancing the back, just don't even try.