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She may be the fairest of them all but you won't find Snow White in the new Disney XD cartoon series The 7D. This sassy, madcap take on the beloved Seven Dwarfs (premiering Monday, July 7 at 10 a.m./9c) is set in the merry but trouble-plagued kingdom of Jollywood where Queen Delightful constantly needs Snow's former cronies to save her — especially from Hildy Gloom, the fashionista witch voiced by Kelly Osbourne, who is determined to take over the royal palace and redo it in pink plaid. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Osbourne and discovered she was more than happy to show us her Disney side!

TV Guide Magazine: You are perfect — and perfectly hilarious — in this role. How come we can't find any other voiceover credits for you?
Osbourne: Because I've never done this before! Well, I did one small thing I never put my name on — a project for a friend — but nothing like this. The 7D is the most fun job I've ever had! Maleficent is my all-time favorite character and this show is making my dream come true. [Laughs] I'm a Disney villain! I still watch cartoons on the Disney Channel and my parents think I'm crazy. At least now I can pretend I'm doing it for research.

TV Guide Magazine: So how did this gig happen?
Osbourne: Out of the blue, my agent at William Morris calls and says, "The people over at Disney can't cast this villain role. They've seen 300 girls. How do you feel about doing voiceovers?" I'm, like, "Do I have to see a coach or something?" "No, just go in." So I did, and suddenly there I am in this recording booth like I was in a police lineup. They could all see me through the glass but I couldn't see anyone. I was so nervous, I had my hands balled up in fists and shoved into my pockets. I had no direction, and only three lines. I did my audition and, like, one minute later, they all started applauding and said, "You've got the job!" It was insane.

TV Guide Magazine: Did they design Hildy Gloom to look like you?
Osbourne: No, that was the weirdest thing. They had that character created before anyone auditioned. They showed me a drawing of her the day I got the role and I gasped.

TV Guide Magazine: A sign this job was meant to be?
Osbourne: More like a miracle. People know my history. I've been a bit of a rowdy girl in the past. There was a time Disney wouldn't have touched me with a 10-foot barge pole. Now I'm like, 'Give me your list of Disney rules. I will follow all of them!

TV Guide Magazine: This Hildy chick seems to be one of those characters in the grand tradition of Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester the Cat and Elmer Fudd — she will never accomplish her goal.
Osbourne: Hildy is bad with the best intentions. She and her airheady husband, Grim, are always trying to take over Jollywood and it never quite goes well for them. [Laughs] So, hopefully, the Glooms can keep failing and we can run for years! I love that Hildy is such a bully to her husband and such a screamer. At the end of every recording session, I have completely lost my voice. I feel so fearless when I play her. Hildy is my alter ego — my Sasha Fierce!

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