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The only thing wilder than Nip/Tuck's storylines are the FX drama's kinky — and graphic — sex scenes. But Kelly Carlson, who played the ex-porn star wife of Christian (Julian McMahon), says even the most outrageous scenes were "just a regular day at work." Get the scoop on which scenes were the craziest for the actress, and why she wasn't impressed with the way Kimber was killed off. She also told us how she kept herself separate from her wild character.

Roma Maffia on Nip/Tuck's final episodes: "Anything can happen" What do you think of the writers' decision to kill off Kimber?
Carlson: I think it makes sense because if Kimber and Christian had a breakup at the end of the series, they're not going to get back together. And then there's no reason for Kimber to be there. Her whole life is Christian. There also needed to be a dramatic ending with her. So if I were the writers, I'd be doing that too. Did you think her suicide was dramatic enough?
Carlson: I thought it was OK. I didn't think it was that spectacular. I'm just kind of either way about it. I thought it visually wasn't that stimulating to watch. To play it was, but I don't think it read that way. That's the only thing that bothered me. But, you know, it's their choice. Would you say Kimber evolved during the course of the series?
Carlson: She didn't evolve that much because she never let go of Christian, and it kind of held her back. But what was good about her was that she kept trying, and the choices she would make got a little more mature. But her being attached to Christian always brought her back to ground zero. Her whole life is Christian. So, I didn't see that much evolution for her as a person. Nip/Tuck has had some pretty graphic sex scenes. Were they ever awkward?
Carlson: Definitely the sex scene in the pilot. That was a tough day because it was our first day. But it was interesting because it was our only awkward day. Julian and I and everybody had such a great professional working relationship. No matter how they upped the ante, it was just a regular day at work. Whether it was Christian hanging himself naked, and me pulling him off the rope. That takes a lot of courage to do. We had a couple guest stars refuse to do things, because it's ridiculous. We are all very professional people, and we did it with a smile and tried to have fun. What were some of the craziest scenes for you over the past seven seasons?
Carlson: I loved doing the cocaine scene in Season 2, and we had a whole lot of threesome and foursome scenes that are always crazy to do. I'm wracking my brain because I'm on overload. [Laughs] John Hensley and I had to have sex in front of baby — that was insane. I don't think any of us will ever have a job like this again.

Download full HD episodes of Nip/Tuck on iTunes How has it been playing such a dysfunctional character for so long?
Carlson: It's been great. First of all, I feel they're the most interesting characters and memorable ones. And for me, I am so opposite of Kimber, that it's fun for me. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't smoke. I'm very regimented and disciplined and played this loose cannon. We look alike, but that's about it. [Laughs] Even then, I colored my hair black. I did it because the way I look on the show is how I look — well, not how I dress — and I'd be bringing Kimber to every other project I did. I'm known as Kimber, but I need to sever the ties, so I have to do it for myself as an actor. Anything you can tell us about the finale?
Carlson: I did read it, but I can't even say if it was the real script. It probably wasn't, to be honest, because even my death scene script I got wasn't real. They didn't tell me to the very end. So I'm going watch it with the rest of the world.