Pickler: "But like...I thought Europe was a country." Pickler: "But like...I thought Europe was a country."
Is Kellie Pickler Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Unless she's really good playing dumb, we're gonna have to say no, she's not. In a recent appearance on the hit game show, the country singer was asked what European country Budapest was capital of (which, mind you, left her baffled, considering she thought Europe was a country). When she found out the correct answer, she didn't even, like, know Hungary was a country. Turkey she's heard of, but Hungary, not so much. Good thing for her charity, she trusted her fifth-grade teammate. Watch it now!

Paris Hilton Wants to be a Mommy? During a recent one-on-one interview with Ellen, Paris Hilton revealed her secret desire on national television. And what could the girl with everything under the sun possibly want? Try a baby! Now that BFF Nicole Richie is ready to pop, the heiress wants a little nugget of her own. Watch it now! Chris Brown's New Music Video He's been the talk of the town with his sick dance moves that give even old pros like JT a run for their money. Now he's back with his third single "With You" off his latest album Exclusive. There has, however, been a lot of grumbling that this song sounds a bit too similar to Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable." Hmm...you be the judge. Watch it now! Scrubs' Rendition of A Charlie Brown Christmas Everyone has seen this classic dozens of times, but have you ever seen it remixed Scrubs-style? Yeah, we didn't think so. Check out this updated version of the cartoon complete with voices from the Scrubs cast dubbed in from various episodes (and very well dubbed at that!). Something about Charlie Brown talking about decorating his penis for Christmas and Linus calling him a dumbass can really put you in the holiday spirit, no? Watch it now! Kathy Griffin: Straight to Hell Whether you love her or hate her, we gotta admit that this clip of tonight's Kathy Griffin stand-up special is pretty freakin' funny. Who else could rile up a small-town Christian theater group enough to get them to take out a $90K full page ad in USA Today in protest? Very impressive, Kathy! Watch it now!