Kelly Cutrone, Kell on Earth Kelly Cutrone, Kell on Earth

Kelly Cutrone has made a name for herself on TV ripping fashionistas apart on reality hits The Hills and The City. Cutrone, however, has an important message for viewers expecting more of the same on her new Bravo series, Kell on Earth.

"I'm not infallible!" says the 44-year-old fashion publicist. "People are going to be really surprised when they see me on the show get fired by a client because I think they think I'm infallible."

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Kell on Earth, premiering Monday at 10/9c, dives much deeper in the world of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port's former boss. Viewers will not only see Cutrone lose a client but the behind-the-scenes success and struggles of her fashion publicity firm, People's Revolution. Filming captures the firm's work at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week as well as the staff behind it.

Kell on Earth's other cast members include her new assistant Andrew, the recently promoted Stephanie and Cutrone's high-powered partners, Emily and Robyn. "The pacing on Kell on Earth is very, very, very fast, it's very hand-held and it's very documentary," she says. "It's an hour so we have a lot to do."

In comparison to her MTV stomping grounds, the cameras also show — dare we say — Cutrone's softer side, as her personal life, including her 7-year-old daughter, Ava, play an equally large role. "It's a completely different thing," she says of the difference between the shows. "It's kind of like what's the difference between Coldplay and Christina Aguilera? They're both great artists, it's just different kinds of music."

For Cutrone, the change is a welcome one. "I'm a communicator and a storyteller so when I got the opportunity to tell more than one story, I was excited to do that," she says.

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Cutrone may get canned on camera and show her motherly instinct for the first time, but that isn't to say she's completely changed. In the first episode, she loudly informs her staff of her no-crying-in-the-office policy: "If you need to cry, go outside." Still, fans will also see Cutrone among her close friends and even, yes, trying to set up her single assistant, Andrew.

Kell on Earth may mark a bigger personal investment for the bare-knuckled boss but, unlike her no-nonsense work habits, Cutrone is happy to live in the moment of her success. "Anybody that's on a TV show knows: the worst part about it is that you know can't go on forever," Cutrone says. "It's like a great love affair. You just have to enjoy it until it's over."