Major Crimes Major Crimes

Major Crimes police captain ­Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) is getting a major pain in the keister this season when her estranged husband, Jackson (Tom Berenger), moves in with her starting July 8 for three ­episodes of the TNT drama. "He is ­extremely charming and funny," says Berenger, who collected an Emmy last year for Hatfields & McCoys.

So why did the couple split? It seems that smilin' Jack has an addictive personality. "He was a big defense lawyer at one point, making big bucks, but he had a drinking problem," Berenger says. "He quit drinking, but then he started gambling in ­Vegas. He's ­always out of money and the kids don't want to talk to him. And now he's gotten himself back in L.A. on the court-appointed attorney list."

That's how he turns up on Raydor's doorstep, and he's intent on winning her back. "Jack's a hopeless romantic who still wears his wedding ring, but she doesn't," Berenger says. "He ends up sleeping on the couch."

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