Wilfred Wilfred

After a season of talking to a man in a dog suit on FX's Wilfred, Elijah Wood's Ryan is finally getting a therapist on the June 28 season premiere — played by Robin Williams!

"When we were doing press for Happy Feet Two, Robin and his wife expressed their love for the show," says Elijah. Not surprisingly, Robin had everyone on the set in stitches. "Often, the first thing he does when he sees me is a Gollum impression, which is sweet," says the Lord of the Rings vet.

This season we'll see attorney Ryan at work for the first time. New cast mates include Steven Weber as his boss, Rob Riggle as a coworker and Smallville's Allison Mack as his scientist love interest. Adds Elijah, "She provides Ryan with a real opportunity for a relationship." As long he doesn't let the dog out of the bag!

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