Lindsay Wagner Lindsay Wagner

How's this for perfect casting? Syfy's Warehouse 13, centered around the U.S. government's secret stash of supernatural objects, has cast TV's original government-owned-and-operated superhero. Lindsay Wagner, who won an Emmy for playing The Bionic Woman's Jaime Sommers, pops up in the Aug. 17 episode as Dr. Vanessa Calder. "She's the official doctor for Warehouse agents. She is quite worldly and knows lots of secrets," says the actress. "My youngest son is a real fan of this show, so he thinks it's so cool."

Now 61, Wagner tours the globe leading holistic and meditation seminars and retreats — interests that her Warehouse character shares. She thinks such humanistic traits were sorely missing from NBC's robotic 2007 Bionic Woman reboot. "They did not recreate what I think people loved about The Bionic Woman," says Wagner, who tuned out after a couple of episodes. "We worked very hard on our show to present human elements and conflicted villains within the constraints of our Cold War formula."

Those of us anxious to see Wagner's beautiful work in the 1976—78 classic are in for a treat, with now streaming the first season, and Universal hiring creator Kenneth Johnson to record commentary for the long-delayed DVD set, to be released in early October. "The time has come!" says Wagner. While she has yet to be approached to record her reflections for the DVDs, Universal says they do plan to reach out to her — which is a good thing, because Jaime Sommers can rip you in two like a phone book.

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