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Spoiler Alert: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday's V season finale. So if you've yet to watch, don't read!

Wow! Did you watch V's go-for-broke season finale last night? Series star Morena Baccarin didn't. Only because she's visiting her home in Brazil (where V's not shown), while awaiting word on whether or not ABC will renew her struggling series for a third season. The concluding episode of Season 2 — in which a whopping three series regulars were murdered — certainly begs for a resolution, if only to see how loved ones react to the deaths of their family and friends. I phoned Morena down in South America to find out what it was like shooting this emotional wrap-up and what she hopes to see in Season 3.

TV Guide Magazine: Well Miss Morena, V sure delivered the goods last night.
Baccarin: I think it's so intense and so sad.

TV Guide Magazine: As teased, three series regulars were killed off. Your character, Anna, pierced her tail right through Diana [Jane Badler]; Anna's daughter, Lisa No. 2, mated with Tyler [Logan Huffman] and then sunk her teeth into him as Lisa No. 1 [Laura Vandervoort] watched in horror; and Ryan [Morris Chestnut] had his neck snapped by the tail of his rapidly-aging daughter. It must have been a rough day on set when that script was released.
Baccarin: It was really sad and hard on all of us. I think Morris is a little bit less final than the others, so we don't know if he's coming back or not. For all intents and purposes, Ryan's dead, but you don't really see him die, so you never know. But with Jane, I knew I was sticking my tail through her, so that's a little hard to out-maneuver. Jane was really sad because she really loved her time with us, and we'd embraced her into the family. And with Logan it was especially sad. He'd been with us from the beginning, and we see him as the kid in the show no matter how old he is. But I think it's great that we went this far; it really makes it. We needed Erica [Elizabeth Mitchell] to suffer a major loss to really go the length she needs to go. It's going to be great in the end, but it's really hard on everybody when it happens.

TV Guide Magazine: For the first time, we got to see one of the Vs sans skin in its full glory, and it looked a lot like the creatures from the Alien films. So that's what you look like under your synthetic human skin, eh?
Baccarin: (Laughs) It's so creepy. It doesn't just look like a lizard; it looks like a prehistoric figure.

TV Guide Magazine: What have you heard about the chances of a third season?
Baccarin: I hear good things about the show and we're still in the running. It's just a waiting game and I'm trying to stay busy.

TV Guide Magazine: If the second season finale ends up being the series finale, how would you feel about it being the concluding chapter?
Baccarin:I think there are worse ways for it to end. We got some completion in terms of knowing what Anna's plans are and whether or not it can work. But it would be  frustrating because you want to see who wins. That's the big question. It would be unsatisfying to leave it like this, but if we don't have a choice, it's not the worst way to go. You see some finality to some relationships — Lisa/Tyler obviously. You see that Lisa is definitely going to be joining Fifth Column. And you see Anna become more maniacal than ever, scaring my people into submission. And you see Erica and the Fifth Column grow by uniting with the Marc Singer character. It escalated the tension with some resolution.

TV Guide Magazine: What would you be most curious to see in a third season?
Baccarin: I want to see who wins, dammit. And we'd continue with the theme of Erica becoming less human, and Anna becoming more human, irrational and emotional. I'd really like to see that. I would like to see Anna experience some kind of loss with this child she's grown to love, and perhaps have an attraction to somebody human, which would really throw a wrench in her plans.

TV Guide Magazine: Whom have you kept in touch with from your V family since you wrapped a couple months ago?
Baccarin: I've kept in touch with Laura and Scott Wolf [Chad] quite a bit, and I just got a very sweet email from Elizabeth this morning telling me she loved the show.

TV Guide Magazine: What's next for you?
Baccarin:: I'm going back to L.A. where I'm going to do a lot of gardening and landscaping.

Morena will also appear as a murder suspect in the April 7 episode of The Mentalist. Look for her preview of the episode in an upcoming issue of TV Guide Magazine.

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