Jason Alexander Jason Alexander

They don't often guest on other star's series (let's face it; they hardly need the cash!), but one of the Seinfeld quartet is doing just that this fall.

Emmy winner Jason Alexander, eternally beloved as George Costanza, will appear on the fifth episode of Harry's Law's new season. Jason will play a public school teacher named Richard who has been suspended from teaching after failing a student. Here's the peculiarity expected of a David E. Kelley case: The reason Richard gave his student, Zack, a big fat F is because the kid dared call Darwinism "a crock."

Survival of the fittest? We'll see when Kathy Bates' formidable Harriet Korn takes the case to court.

Season 2 of Harry's Law premieres Sept. 21 at 9 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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