Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch

Glee's Thriller of a Super Bowl Episode
Finn (Cory Monteith) fills in for the late Vincent Price to provide the spooky narration for the Fox hit's Super Bowl-episode Thriller tribute. "I'm also one of the zombie folk, which requires about three and a half hours of prosthetic makeup," says Cory. And it sounds as though Artie may be making some progress with those animatronic leg braces he unveiled in the Christmas episode. Asked who plays the Michael Jackson role, Cory said, "The episode is pretty centered around Artie, who does a lot of singing." Thrilling!

Penny Turns Teacher
The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco spills that an upcoming episode finds Penny giving Sheldon acting lessons. "It's very silly," says Kaley. "Sheldon's giving lectures and everyone's hating him, so he wants to learn how to be more fun in front of people." Kaley still remembers a former acting teacher telling her that "I was the worst in the class and I'd never make it." Guess Kaley got the last laugh!

The Defenders' Dirty Deed
Jerry O'Connell reveals that Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd will soon report to the set of CBS' The Defenders to play a judge who hates Jim Belushi's character. "Then he ends up with a dead hooker in his hotel room," says Jerry. "So he calls Belushi for help." Who else are you gonna call?

When AnnaLynne McCord's character, Naomi, starts crushing on a geek she meets on MySpace, she surprises him by turning up at a screening of Avatar dressed as Zoë Saldana's Na'vi character, Neytiri. "I'm getting fitted for contact lenses, will be head-to-toe blue, and they're trying to work out prosthetics to give me big feet," says AnnaLynne. "It's hysterical because Naomi shows up [at the screening] and none of the other nerds are in costume. I might get a whole new following after this!" The actress says she'd be open to dating a geek in real life. "Nerds are awesome. I would totally go out with anyone in an Apple store!"

Nikita Gets Naughty
The CW's Nikita will be heating up this winter with sexy scenes set in some rather strange spots. Stars Maggie Q and Shane West tell me their characters, Nikita and Michael, will soon engage in their second fight scene — in a steamy sauna. "Everyone's in towels except for us," says Maggie. That's what I call a missed opportunity! Another episode delves into Alex's tragic sex-trafficking past. "We'll learn that she came from a very wealthy family and see her come face-to-face with the people who held her captive," says Lyndsy, who plays Alex. "I'm going to be locked in a dog cage!"

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