Revenge Revenge

One of my faves — William Devane, who hails from my hometown of Albany, New York — is bringing some of the sophisticated sleaze he displayed as wealthy Knots Landing playboy Gregory Sumner to ABC's Revenge. On the February 8 episode, William debuts as Edward Grayson, the father of Victoria's estranged husband, Conrad. "Edward's the guy who never went to school but founded a great company and turned it over to his son," says William, who's signed on for three to four episodes so far. "He's been semi-retired from the business and living in Manhattan, but now with the marital confusion [between Victoria and Conrad], he's coming back to see what's going on."

Edward holds a special place in his heart for his ice-cold daughter-in-law. "I think I'm a little bit closer to Victoria than I am to my son," William says of his character. Since both of them are single, might Edward make a play for his son's woman at a family soiree? "Well, she's a wonderful dancer."

Fans should enjoy watching William get physical again. More than two decades after his infamous strip croquet scene with Nicollette Sheridan's Paige on Knots Landing, he says Knots viewers still routinely remind him about it. "Nicollette's still fun to be around. We enjoy our horses, but those croquet days are over!" 

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