Gabrielle Carteris Gabrielle Carteris

Many of us (myself included) were stunned to realize that in January, original Beverly Hills, 90210 star Gabrielle Carteris became the first of her old Peach Pit gang to turn the big 5-0.

Well, if you're wondering what Gabrielle looks like now (pretty amazing actually!), you'll find out on March 14 when she debuts as an alien on NBC's The Event. Gabrielle's character, Diane Geller, who appears again on the March 21 episode, is an old friend of Michael Buchanan who has been living amongst the human population since the crash at Inostranka. When Michael and Sophia undertake a mission to hunt down Thomas, Michael leaves his daughters Leila and little Samantha in the care of Diane and her husband, Carlos. 

Even though he hasn't had the opportunity to shoot any scenes with Gabrielle, The Event's star, Jason Ritter, tells me he's stoked about her appearance on the show. "I saw her photos in the makeup trailer and was super excited to hear she was coming on," he says. "I used to watch that show and who doesn't love Andrea? It would be really cool if I get to work with her." 


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