The Cleveland Show with Florence Henderson The Cleveland Show with Florence Henderson

It's no secret to fans of Fox's The Cleveland Show that the jovial title character seems like he was raised by the Brady bunch. Well, in the March 25 episode, we'll learn who is responsible for Cleveland's lily-white personality.

Titled "The Men in Me," the episode finds Cleveland Brown (voiced by executive producer Mike Henry) winning a dance competition and being labeled "The Whitest Man in America." Unable to shake off his new reputation, Cleveland decides to get a better grasp on his roots. Why he turned out the way he did makes more sense when he is reunited with his former nanny, Barbara, a high-class white woman with a taste for refined culture, voiced by Mrs. Brady herself, Florence Henderson.  

TV Guide Magazine: So Florence, you're the reason Cleveland ended up so...Cleveland?
Florence Henderson: Barbara's an upper-class lady. His parents were separated for a while so he spent a great deal of time with me. I taught him some elegant things and was responsible for a lot in his life.

TV Guide Magazine: A black baby being raised by a white nanny. This sounds like the opposite of The Help.
Henderson: (Laughs) Yes. Absolutely.

TV Guide Magazine: Does anything special happen between Barbara and her former charge?
Henderson: I sing a song to him in a very strange voice, teaching him to be proud of who he is. So there's a little moral to the story. It's funny, and I hope they bring my character back.  

TV Guide Magazine: I remember there was an animated Brady Bunch Saturday morning show back in the '70s titled The Brady Kids that you and Robert Reed weren't part of. Why not?
Henderson: I didn't want to do it at that time. The focus was on the kids because they were all singing together. I think that was the purpose of that show.  

TV Guide Magazine: What else is America's favorite mom working on these days?
Henderson: I'm starting up my one-woman show again, and I've been traveling all over the place with my new autobiography.

TV Guide Magazine: And what's the latest with your Brady kids?
Henderson: I had dinner with Barry Williams a couple weeks ago, and he's starting a big show in Branson, Mo. I see Eve Plumb when I go to New York, where she's trying to get a great stage career going. And Ann B. Davis called me and sang me Happy Birthday on my birthday, which is Valentine's Day. She sang it pretty well too!

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