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A marriage to boyfriend Shane (Ryan Rottman) in early November is the beginning of the end for 90210's Teddy, played by outgoing cast member Trevor Donovan. But what a way to go. I was on set for the colorful nuptials, which take place in a cheesy Vegas chapel with an Elvis impersonator officiating. Silver captures the whole affair on a video that will go viral, and Navid playfully asks the grooms, "Which one of you is pregnant?"

The occasion is bittersweet for Trevor, who appears in only two more episodes after the wedding. He says he was told that Teddy's coming out story was handled so well that "they didn't want to take anything away from it by just having me there in the background. I'm in the meat of every episode I'm in, and it's good that it's ending with a hero moment.

It's a testament to the times that Trevor may go from playing gay to starring on the big screen as America's most wholesome hetero beau Ken in an in-the-works Barbie movie. "I've had a few meetings with the producer who's working with Mattel to get this thing off the ground," confirms Trevor, who already has his eye on Glee's Dianna Agron to play his Barbie. "I worked with her on a clothing campaign last year and she is just a doll." Perhaps literally. 

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