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Jennifer Morrison is having quite the spring. She broke the Wicked Queen's curse on Sunday's Once Upon a Time season finale, and on Monday will reunite with the Wicked Doctor on House's series finale. I spoke with Ms. Emma Swan/Dr. Cameron about what we can expect on the emotional farewell to Princeton-Plainsboro.

TV Guide Magazine: When did you get the great news that you'd be coming back to House?
Jennifer Morrison: It was so funny — the day we did the Once Upon a Time Paley Festival. I had told everyone I hadn't been contacted, and it just seemed too late for it to be possible. I think as those words were coming out of my mouth [executive producer] David Shore was leaving me a phone message. When I got out of the festival I saw that he had called and thought, 'No way!' He didn't say on the message what he was calling for, but I hoped that was it because I really had been hoping that was something they would want me to do. House was such a special part of my life.

TV Guide Magazine: So then what happened?
Morrison: When I did get to speak with David he said, 'We're thinking about doing this for the series finale. Would that be something you'd be interested in?' And I said, 'Yes, absolutely!' I was really honored and excited and ultimately really happy with how they had Cameron being present at the end of things.

TV Guide Magazine: The end of things. Rumor has it that people return for Wilson's funeral.
Morrison: I, of course, can't say anything.

TV Guide Magazine: Of course. Well, tell me who you got to hug and play with.
Morrison: It was just amazing. I spent most of my morning standing at the doorstep to my trailer with all the crew coming by for hugs and telling me they watch Once Upon a Time with their whole families. That was really nice. There was this beautiful moment for me during my wardrobe fitting. I'd been running around for a whole year as edgy Emma in my boots and leather jacket, so seeing Cameron's little vest and shirts felt like visiting an old friend. And David Shore was directing, which was perfect. And of course seeing Hugh [Laurie] again, it was like no time had passed.

TV Guide Magazine: Does Dr. House give Cameron one last zinger?
Morrison: There's definitely some banter between them, but it reveals the place Cameron holds in House's mind. You see what she means to him, which is really nice.

TV Guide Magazine: Hugh also produced the hour retrospective that airs before the finale. Did you shoot anything for that?
Morrison: Hugh and I take a little tour of how things have changed in the hospital. I couldn't help noticing that Emma's office on Once Upon a Time is a glass office with a metal desk, just like House's office. So insane! I'm going to talk to the Once props department to see if we can borrow a few of the items on House's desk.

TV Guide Magazine: When Dr. Cameron comes back, will we be surprised by what's happened to her?
Morrison: Kind of. But I don't know what actually made it into the final cut. In the script, you did see where her life has gone. Some people will be surprised by it and others will see that it's the obvious thing. I'm happy with the decision. It felt like a very well thought out place to show her in her life.

TV Guide Magazine: Speculation (and hope) online is that Cameron will reunite with Chase.
Morrison: I can say that we do interact in the episode.

TV Guide Magazine: Would you like to see a reunion for them or has too much time passed?
Morrison: That's a really tough question. David has kept his characters very human. The reality is, in real life we're very unpredictable and moments cause us to make decisions you would never expect. All I can really say is that holds true in the finale with all of the characters and relationships. I do feel like I'm in a dream!

TV Guide Magazine: Well, all your dreams are coming true. I half expected you to turn up as Barney's bride on How I Met Your Mother.
Morrison: What happened? Wait, I'm behind a few episodes. Don't give it away!

The series finale of House airs May 21 at 8/7c on Fox.

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