Jason Ritter Jason Ritter

As I first reported last week, Oscar host and nominee James Franco is in talks with the Three's Company estate holders about developing the 1977-84 sitcom into a feature film and Broadway play — possibly with a dramatic take, after presenting this unusual concept as an art installation at the Sundance Film Fest. Though James is envisioning himself in the lead role made famous by John Ritter, some of you told me you can see only one man in the iconic lead role.

"I think the obvious choice to play Jack Tripper is Jason Ritter," wrote vyw1218, whose comment was seconded by Praktikalmage.  

"No one can replace John Ritter," wrote tmw, "(but) Jason Ritter would be the best choice."

Well I just got off the phone with the handsome star of NBC's The Event, and it sounds as though Jason would indeed be game to the swinging legacy begun by his genius father, who passed away 2003.

"Oh my God; wow. That would be super bizarre," says Jason, who cameod alongside Franco in the 2006 Nicolas Cage film, The Wicker Man. "It would put me in Bizarroland — as surreal as it could possibly get. Apparently, James' thing is Three's Company read seriously, and that would be an amazing challenge — in a lot of ways. Emotionally and spiritually and all that. But hey, I would never say 'no' to anything. I'm open to the idea and am touched to think that (TV Guide Magazine readers) would think of me for that."

And Jason has one suggestion that could make this project even more bizarre: "If the tone is dramatic, do we go for really dramatic actresses?," he asks. "I think Meryl Streep could play a great Chrissy!"

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