Doug Savant and Felicity Huffman Doug Savant and Felicity Huffman

Turns out Desperate Housewives' decision to separate the long bickering Scavos has had an adverse reaction on Felicty Huffman and Doug Savant's eight year friendship. "I have to tell you, I can't love anyone more than Doug Savant, but life's been imitating art," Felicity tells me. "You spend so many hours acting a certain storyline that it bleeds into real life. Dougie and I have been fighting for real. Not huge things, but little barbed comments. A little rough around the edges."

During one scene, Felicity says, "I thought he was making fun of me and I screamed, 'Hey — f--- you!'" Then after another tiff over wardrobe for their Halloween episode, Felicity says Doug turned to her and said, "I can't wait until we start getting back together."

In the Halloween episode, airing October 30, Lynette will face off against her ex's new girlfriend over their clashing Halloween costume concepts for Lynette and Tom's daughter, Penny. "I only have time for a pillow case with an arm and head hole cut into it," explains Felicity, "while the girlfriend wants to make an elaborate kitty cat costume."

It's not just Felicity feeling the heat. "I'm still in mid-conflict with her at the moment," admits Doug. "She and I seem to take on the emotions of our scenes." That revelation inspired an instant reaction from Doug's real-life wife Laura Leighton, who turned to her hubby at Desperate Housewives' final season kick off party to ask, "So wait a minute. Does that mean when Tom and Lynette were getting along and having lots of sex...??"

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