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When Renee Perry (Vanessa Williams) moved into Edie Britt's vacated home last season on Desperate Housewives, the recently single New Yorker spent a lot more time talking about sex than actually doing the deed. It appears that's all about to change, thanks to Ben Faulkner (Charles Mesure), who meets Renee in the September 25 season premiere. "I play a real estate developer," says Mesure, who previously romanced Elizabeth Mitchell on V, Maggie Grace on Lost and Jill Hennessy on Crossing Jordan. Mesure moves on to Wisteria Lane as land developer Ben Faulkner and wastes no time developing things with Ms. Perry. Taking a break from shooting episode two, Charles offers a hint of what's to come.

TV Guide Magazine: Last time we saw you, you were engaged in some steamy freedom fighter sex with your V co-star Elizabeth Mitchell. Whom else have you conquered on TV?
Charles Mesure: (laughs) I started out with Pamela Anderson on Stacked. I was Maggie Grace's Australian boyfriend on Lost back in Season One. I was Jill Hennessy's boyfriend on Crossing Jordan for a year. I was married to Lucy Lawless, and now the lovely Vanessa Williams. I've had enormous luck.

TV Guide Magazine: What would have happened with your V character, Kyle Hobbes, had the show continued?
Mesure: The storyline we talked about involved a mysterious woman from my past named Sarah, who the Vs had possibly abducted and tortured. My agenda would have been to try and rescue her. It also would have turned out that I might have betrayed the Fifth Column in order to save Sarah's life, with Erica hunting me down.

TV Guide Magazine: Instead you've wound up on Wisteria Lane. What can you tell us about this mystery man?
Mesure: I play a guy named Ben Faulkner who is a real estate developer. He's enormously wealthy and just moved into a beautiful house on Wisteria Lane. He's a self-made man who came from the mean streets of Sydney and has developed a bit of a ruthless streak. How that manifests I don't know.

TV Guide Magazine: So he's a villain?
Mesure: I have no idea by the few scenes I've played so far. At the moment he seems like a really nice guy. He's a genial new neighbor in Wisteria Lane. He moves in and catches the eye of all the ladies in the neighborhood and [Renee] takes a special interest.

TV Guide Magazine: Have you two already kissed?
Mesure: (laughs) No, I can't say that. But I can say we're having a really nice time together.

TV Guide Magazine: Every new character who moves on to Wisteria Lane comes with a horrible secret. Does yours?
Mesure: Um... very possibly, but I don't know yet. I'm still exploring day to day who he is. They're releasing clues to me very slowly.

TV Guide Magazine: What is your hope for this character?
Mesure: To have this job for quite a while.

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