Jennifer Morrison Jennifer Morrison

Working alongside her real-life ex may not have worked so well on House, but that hasn't discouraged Jennifer Morrison from accepting a role on her current beau's new crime series. Jennifer, so well liked in her role as House's Dr. Allison Cameron until she was inexplicably written off the Fox medical drama last season, will guest star in the sixth episode of NBC's Chase as Faith, a single mother-turned-fugitive who embarks on a bloody killing spree across Texas with her innocent little daughter in tow. That's when  she's chased by agent Marco Martinez, played by Jennifer's current steady, Amaury Nolasco.

For Jennifer, it's apparently all about the Chase, as her ex-fiance and former House co-star, Jesse Spencer, plays a doctor named Chase. House producers are debating whether or not to pull the trigger on an option they signed with Jennifer to bring her back for more House episodes later this season.

Chase premieres September 20 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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