Emily Deschanel Emily Deschanel

In my column in the new issue of TV Guide Magazine, I break episode details of Bones star Emily Deschanel's directorial debut. Series creator Hart Hanson had entrusted Emily to direct Bones' wedding-themed Valentine's Day episode that was inspired, in part, by the actress' real-life wedding last September. But as soon as my story went to press, the decision was made to postpone Emily's directorial debut until later in the season. And American Idol is to blame.    

To allow Emily to prepare for directing episode 14, her character, Brennan, was reduced to a lesser role in both episodes 13 and 14. Hanson reconsidered the logic of this when he realized the huge opportunity Bones will have to attract new viewers when these episodes air during February sweeps — directly after Idol! So in order to beef up Brennan's presence on screen, Hanson says he "begged Emily to postpone her directing gig on the show until later in the season."

He adds, "Emily agreed with me that diminishing our star's profile during these crucial episodes might compromise our chances to reach the new audience which Idol may very well provide.  She very kindly consented to moving her directorial debut until later in the season. When it comes to Bones, Emily puts the show first.  Which is why we love her."

I'll be sure to let you know the details of the episode Emily does end up directing just as soon as I hear.

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