Dynasty Dynasty

Dynasty creators Richard and Esther Shapiro are putting the finishing touches on a film script that would be a prequel to their 1980s oil drama, focusing on the 1960s love story between twentysomething Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) and teen Alexis Morrell (Joan Collins).

"It seems to be the right time, with Sex and the City and some of the other TV shows having jumped to the big screen," says Richard, adding that "everyone has always wanted to know the beginnings of Blake and Alexis, who was in love with him throughout the series."

The film opens with Blake battling his half siblings upon discovering he's a Carrington and concludes with him walking down the aisle with Alexis, before the births of their heirs Adam, Fallon, Steven and Amanda.

Richard says one person who has expressed interest in producing the film is Al Corley, Dynasty's original Steven Carrington who now runs a production company. "We see this potentially as the start of a franchise with further elements of the series evolving," he says, meaning there's hope we could eventually catch a glimpse of baby Krystle.

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