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In honor of Desperate Housewives' conclusion, a panel of judges made up of some of the show's stars — Eva Longoria (Gaby), Felicity Huffman (Lynette), James Denton (Mike), Doug Savant (Tom), Brenda Strong (Mary Alice), Mark Moses (Paul) and Kevin Rahm (Lee) — were asked to select the best and worst moments of the ABC drama's eight seasons. And the winners (and losers) are...

Best Year
Season 1 (2004-05)

"Season 1 was so hard to beat," notes James, who still gets a lump in his throat when he thinks about Susan and Mike's first dates. "They were like high school kids, and the show, for us, never got back to that sweet romance like Cheers' Sam and Diane." Kevin commends the first year's mystery (remember the digging up of Mary Alice's buried trunk?), and Doug and James still laugh over Bree's dinner-party zinger: "Rex cries after he ejaculates."

Worst Year
Season 2 (2005-06)
The brutally panned Betty Applewhite (Alfre Woodard) mystery, about a woman who chained her mentally challenged son in the basement, was almost unanimously selected as the worst story. "It was an utter waste of the talents of Alfre Woodard," says Doug. Adds James: "We're lucky we recovered from that one."

Mike Delfino's Season 8 death. "I hated not having Jamie on set anymore," says Kevin.

Best Guest Star
Beau Bridges
as Eli Scruggs (2009)

The role of Wisteria Lane's handyman who impacted the lives of all the housewives was conceived for Felicity's husband, William H. Macy, but he wasn't available. Beau Bridges won the role — and an Emmy nod. "He really was a catalyst for everyone to do their best work," says Brenda.

Toughest Cast Loss
Christine Estabrook
as Martha Huber (2004)

Eva and Felicity sighed heavily recalling the shocking decision to kill off Fairview's neighborhood snoop early in the show's run. "Martha was the busybody, and Christine's such a great actor it was hard to lose her," Mark says.

Most Like Her Character
Felicity Huffman as Lynette

Like Lynette, Felicity juggled kids and a demanding career. "Felicity has a great combination of being a mom and a powerhouse," raves Brenda.

Eva picked Nicollette Sheridan, describing Edie as "sexy, silly and unapologetic." Kevin nominated Teri Hatcher for being as "self-aware" as Susan.

Least Like Her Character
Eva Longoria as Gaby

While James notes that Eva is "hot and rich," the actors praise her for being nothing like a selfish troublemaker. "There's a lot more to Eva," says Doug.

Marcia Cross
as Bree. "Marcia can't boil water!" notes Eva.

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