James Denton, Teri Hatcher James Denton, Teri Hatcher

In May, ABC's Desperate Housewives will sign off after eight crazy, emotional seasons of sex and scandal. Coming up: One housewife goes broke, another discovers a secret about her child's sexuality, and one character pictured below won't live past March. The cast tells me they'd like to see even more shockers in the series finale.

Doug Savant (Tom): "Lynette comes crawling back on her knees begging Tom for forgiveness for the 20 years of hell she put him through. And then announces she's pregnant."

Felicity Huffman (Lynette): "Tom and Lynette fall back in love and have a romantic night with candles, a bubble bath and sex that lasts all night." 

James Denton (Mike): "I'd like to see Mike get a new job that was so fascinating that it required a Mike/Susan spin-off called The Delfinos. It would be like a redneck Lucy and Ricky."

Teri Hatcher (Susan): "With a grateful heart, a gracious bow, one last Susan-esque slip on a banana peel, then quietly fade to black."

Ricardo Chavira (Carlos): "We should let all the steam off with a big Wisteria Lane orgy. I've always wanted to get it on with Mrs. McCluskey!"

Eva Longoria (Gaby): "I would like for all four of us to drive off a cliff like Thelma and Louise."

Marcia Cross (Bree): "Bree shaves her head and becomes a Buddhist nun."

Vanessa Williams (Renee): "Renee leaves Wisteria Lane and heads back to New York, where she belongs."

Brenda Strong (Mary Alice): "Mary Alice's final line would be, 'And then there were none,' with everybody dead in some epic disaster and joining Mary Alice in heaven with all of them narrating my life."

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