David Cassidy David Cassidy

Former Partridge Family teen idol David Cassidy's 2011 stint on The Celebrity Apprentice wasn't exactly boast-worthy, but it did get the guy noticed by CBS.

Cassidy, 62, will turn up on an upcoming episode of CSI as a man named Mr. Coe. The character is described as a veteran poker player who is desperately trying to hold on to his fading youth. He has undergone massive injections of Botox, which has given him the added ability of maintaining a 'poker face' at the gambling tables.   

Is that cheating? And what price might Mr. Coe pay for trying to pull a fast one on the pit boss? We'll find out in the episode, tentatively scheduled to air on Feb. 27.

Cassidy's last high-profile network guest spots were a 2005 episode of Less Than Perfect and a 2003 appearance on Malcolm in the Middle

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