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Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders tells me "by the end of episode 3, Oliver's life is going to change forever." Uh oh. Might that mean that's the episode in which Smallville finally rights DC Comics lore and does away with the character of Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), who isn't a series regular this season? Could be, which would open the door to a romance between Oliver's Green Arrow and Black Canary, two super friends who end up together in the comics. Says Souders, "They're very fun together, but we're big Chlollie fans." Souders also told me she recently sent Michael Rosenbaum a dozen red roses and a private note in an attempt to sway him back as Lex Luthor before the series ends. "Nothing would be more exciting for us than to write for him again."

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Sela Ward says her new CSI: NY character is divorced. "And she has a son who is 18 or 19 who she adopted from a person she helped put away," says Sela, who suspects the child's parent most likely will be sprung from the slammer wanting to reclaim the kid.

CSI show runner Carol Mendelsohn tells me Bill Irwin will be reprising his role as inmate Nathan Haskell in the show's 11th season premiere, then return for three additional episodes in a story arc that will finally introduce the wife of Laurence Fishburne's Dr. Raymond Langston. "Toward the end of the season, Mrs. Langston will play a pivotal role," says Mendelsohn. Plus, hearing that Marg Helgenberger has decided to end her long run as Catherine Willows this season, Mendelsohn says she plans to "start begging on my knees as the season progresses. No one ever leaves the CSI family, so we'll see." Finally, Mendelsohn has been speaking with Jorja Fox (Sara) about how to explain to the audience why Sara has been apart from her husband Grissom for so long. Unfortunately, she has so far been unsuccessful in her repeated attempts to sway William Petersen back for a guest spot to explain the divide.

Medium exec producer Glenn Gordon Caron tells me, "Our season premiere is Freaky Friday with Allison (Patricia Arquette) and 12-year-old Bridgette (Maria Lark) switching identities. It's not a dream, but I don't want to say what causes the switch. They will each be consumed by the other's spirit and hilarity ensues with mom going to school and Bridgette having to go to the district attorney's office and help solve crimes." How does Maria feel about the chance to play grown up? "It's going to be such a big episode," she says. "I'm looking forward to playing how Patricia reacts to things with her eyes, which will be a challenge. And I would tell Patricia to let the kid in her out when she's trying to play me."

If CBS' Hawaii Five-O reboot becomes the smash success many expect it to be, how long before a network tries to revive Hawaii's other iconic cop drama, Magnum, P.I.? Tom Selleck, the original Magnum who headlines CBS' fall cop drama Blue Bloods, hopes it will never happen. "Magnum is hard because it's still running in a 100 different countries and those characters are real to people," says Selleck. "I think that's a problem that has prevented the Magnum feature film from ever getting made. CBS doesn't own it. Universal does, so you could see it on NBC, but I think it would be hard. Why call it Magnum? Make the character a slightly irresponsible P.I. with a slightly different name."

The CW's 90210 has announced that either Teddy (Trevor Donovan), Navid (Michael Steger) or Liam (Matt Lanter) will come out of the closet as gay early into the new season. In my attempt to find out who, I asked each actor to offer evidence as to why their character may or may not be gay. Judging by the way they answered, I'm placing all my bets on Teddy getting a GLAAD Award. What do you think?

Michael Steger

Evidence Navid is straight: "Well, he's been in love with Adrianna since he was a kid and he's still head over heels for her. He's proposed to her. He's dealt with her drug addiction and her cheating on him."

Evidence Navid is gay: "Maybe he feels he's not appreciated, so he goes in a different direction."

Matt Lanter

Evidence Liam is straight: "Well, Liam and Naomi had a lot of passionate sex last season. He broke up with her and he's going for Annie now, so for him to come out would be a little unusual because he's right in the middle of a couple of girls."

Evidence Liam is gay: "Well, Naomi was not a girlfriend, so maybe he'll turn to men because his luck with women was not happening."

Trevor Donovan

Evidence Teddy is straight: "His entire upbringing and approach to life doesn't fall into the stereotype. With that said, the intention of the network is to really address and eliminate that stereotype."

Evidence Teddy is gay: "Teddy could have been overcompensating by being with so many women but never settling down. Maybe he never wanted that. I would be flattered to portray a story that from what I've heard is going to address the struggle of this transition. He's going through such inner turmoil before realizing self-acceptance and peer acceptance. It's going to be a long powerful story line."

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