Penny Johnson Jerald Penny Johnson Jerald

Captain Montgomery, we hardly knew ya. When Castle returns September 19, Kate Beckett (who, judging by this photo, we can now safely assume survives her cliffhanger shooting) will be taking marching orders from a new boss. And not just any boss — but one played by actress Penny Johnson Jerald, who so deliciously terrorized 24's early seasons as President Palmer's estranged wife, Sherry. From the sound of it, Rick Castle may be first on this new captain's hit list, as she questions why he's hanging around her precinct.

TV Guide Magazine: Congrats on the new gig, Penny. Tell us who this character is.
Penny Johnson Jerald: Our last captain was like a nurturing father figure, but my character's a little different in that she has eyes in the back of her head and won't let them get away with anything. There may be a little shaking up going on at the very beginning.

TV Guide Magazine: What's her name?
I didn't even know until two hours before we started shooting. Her name is Captain Victoria Gates and her a.k.a. is Iron Gates. And she's wearing a wedding ring, so there must be a man somewhere. I've also been told I probably have a girl and a boy.

TV Guide Magazine: Where is she coming from?
She comes from Internal Affairs, so having a place of authority is important to her.

TV Guide Magazine: Who does she bond and clash with?
Jerald: She bonds with no one but herself, and there is contention with Castle. She's trying to figure out why he's here. He's like a fly you can't get rid of. But Nathan [Fillion], I must tell you, in real life, is a charmer. When I look at him I crack up. And I was having a bit of a problem learning the beat of the show — speaking so fast — and Stana [Katic] said, "We can just walk slower and talk faster." I knew I liked that girl.

TV Guide Magazine: Had you ever seen Castle before?
It's sad to say, but perhaps to my advantage, I'd never seen these characters before. I have now been watching all the episodes with my husband at our farm on the east coast when not shooting in L.A.

TV Guide Magazine: What's your favorite scene you've shot so far?
We've finished three, and my favorite was probably the very first words you hear come out of my character's mouth in the first episode. It's with Beckett and I say, "If my mother came by, you can call her 'Ma'am,' but you will call me 'Sir' or 'Captain.'" I love it! 

TV Guide Magazine: For your 24 fans, how does Captain Gates compare to Sherry Palmer?
Sherry was self-motivated in that she was going to be First Lady on her way to becoming President, and it didn't matter who was in her way. I believe that Iron Gates has a bit more tact and is coming from a place of truly wanting everyone in the precinct to be their very best.

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