Calista Flockhart Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart finally became Mrs. Harrison Ford on June 15 after eight years of dating. Less fortunate: her Brothers & Sisters character, Kitty Walker, who was widowed when Robert (Rob Lowe) died in the season finale. Calista tells me she has high hopes that the show will be still be "funny and poignant." Though saddened to lose Rob, Calista says, "I don't think Kitty will be single for that long. She'll have lots of guys — at least I hope."

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That's the plan, confirms executive producer David Marshall Grant. When the story picks up a year after Robert's death, Nora and Sarah will persuade Kitty to get back in the dating pool. "It will be a little challenging for her," says Grant, confirming that Calista,

Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths will all shoot 17 of 18 episodes. "She might be seeing the kinds of guys that she didn't normally date, and I'm sure she'll have a date from hell." Also, loud-mouthed Nora will be offered an "Ask Mom" public radio show, and we'll learn that Kevin and Scotty's surrogacy plans failed, leaving an opening in their hearts that will be filled by a homeless 12-year-old Latin kid.

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