Bill Paxton Bill Paxton

As HBO's Big Love nears its March series finale, what happens in the last three episodes "is astonishing," teases creator Mark Olsen. "We really went there!" Pressed for a few hints, Olsen and cocreator Will Scheffer warn us to expect an "ultimate and final showdown" pitting Bill against Alby.

Also in the works: a rift within the Henrickson family that could result in D-I-V-O-R-C-E; a totally unexpected marriage (Ben and Heather, perhaps?); and a "great tragedy" in the final episode that brings back eldest daughter Sarah (Amanda Seyfried). An early pitch to show the deceased Henricksons reunited in the celestial kingdom was nixed.

Promises star Bill Paxton, "We want to go out big. As unorthodox and taboo as their polygamist marriage is in the eyes of most people, I think viewers have rooted for the Henricksons, and I don't think they're going to be disappointed with how it ends."

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