House House

When Dr. House meets Arlene Cuddy (Candice Bergen) on House's January 17 episode, he thinks he's treating just another hypochondriac — unaware that his patient is the mother of his girlfriend, Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

"He's on the cusp of losing it," says Candice, who describes Arlene as "a gentile who would prefer to be a Jew. She considers House a goy unable to commit to her daughter." Oy! Adds exec producer David Shore, "Arlene's a tough-as-nails woman who's very hard on Cuddy. They love each other, but boy, do they drive each other crazy."

The family reunion continues on February 21, when Candice returns along with Lisa's sister, Lucinda (Paula Marshall). "Lucinda is the good daughter, " says Candice. Despite all these Cuddys converging in Princeton to meet the new man, Shore says fans shouldn't get their hopes up for an engagement. At least "not yet," he adds, refusing to confirm if Huddy will even remain coupled through the season.   

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