Kayla, Bad Girls Club Kayla, Bad Girls Club

What was supposed to be a quiet evening with a couple housemates unfolded into a night of choke-holds, scratching and ultimately, Kayla's departure from The Bad Girls Club (Tuesdays, 10 pm/ET, Oxygen).

"I didn't want to fight her in the first place, and I kept telling her that," Kayla explained in regards to her fight with Amber over tipping a waitress on Tuesday's episode. "But she kept pushing the issue and it got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore, and it resulted to the point of her grabbing my neck and me leaving a million bruises."

But while Kayla broke the ever-feared house rule —if you lay a finger on your roommate, you're out — she wasn't booted by producers. Instead, she left on her own. "I left the show because it was too much. I was becoming, like, the blooper girl," explained Kayla. The tipping point was actually when her dress ripped and she stripped down naked in the limo, leaving Tiffany fuming. "I was like this is too stressful and there's always drama."

Kayla's final episode showed ill feelings toward "The Ambers," but things aren't always as they seem in reality television. "Me and The Amber were closest in the house, and I'm kind of upset America doesn't get to see that," Kayla told TVGuide.com.

As for the other girls? It's safe to say Kayla wasn't a fan. "They said they'd have my back, but when I wasn't around and the cameras were, it was a totally different story," said Kayla. "I didn't trust them and [watching their confessionals] just confirms my opinion. I knew they were untrustworthy bitches. I don't regret anything."