Kay Panabaker Kay Panabaker

Most kids would love to have superpowers, but not No Ordinary Family's Daphne.

On the new ABC series, each member of the Powell family magically obtains a special power during a vacation gone awry. Mom Stephanie (Julie Benz) gets super-speed since she's always working or on the move. Dad Jim (Michael Chiklis) is a police sketch artist who becomes insanely strong. Brother JJ (Jimmy Bennett), who struggles to get good grades, becomes a genius.  And Daphne (Kay Panabaker) can read people's minds.

"It's rough being a teenager in this day and age ... and now she's actually hearing the mean thoughts people are thinking about her to her face,"  Panabaker tells TVGuide.com.

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But Panabaker says she'd love to be able to hear people's thoughts."She doesn't want to know what people are really thinking, whereas I do. If you're going to think mean things about me or not be a true friend, then we don't need to be friends. You skip all that drama," she says.

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Although the series begins with a very angsty Daphne, Panabaker says she'll eventually embrace her newfound gift. "As the episodes go on, she actually begins to use it, not in a manipulative way, but to connect to her friends or her enemies and try and make peace with all of them," she says. "It's nice to see that change in her and that she actually does have a heart instead of just being a complaining teenager."

She also warns viewers against lumping No Ordinary Family in with every other supernatural-themed show. "Ours [is] definitely more grounded in reality. The family doesn't fight crime together, only Dad is trying to do that, she says. "The rest of us are trying to live our day-to-day lives and use the powers to make it a little bit better, a little bit sweeter."

No Ordinary Family premieres Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.