How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

Oh honey... don't quit your day job.

Last night, Katy Perry, the high goddess of auto-tuned pop confections, popped up on How I Met You Mother for a guest spot at Zoey's gullible hot cousin "Honey." And it was not sweet. Blank-eyed and oddly boring for a woman with curves that got her kicked off of Sesame Street, Perry just didn't bring the spark — much less any fireworks — needed to keep up with the effervescent ensemble that is Ted and company. And pairing her with Neil Patrick Harris' Barney only added insult to insanely pointless stunt casting. He's all gland. She was all bland.

Mercifully, Perry faded like the end of one of her songs early on so the show could get to the good stuff: Ted's confession that he was in love with Zoey just as her marriage began to collapse. loathsome as this question has become, having been blasted out as a headline every damn time a famous female signs on for an episode, do you think Zoey could be the mother we've been waiting to meet? And what did you think of Perry's appearance?

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