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Katy Perry Ripped Her Pants and Showed Everyone Her Butt on American Idol

Watch the hilarious wardrobe malfunction

Liam Mathews

The thing about being a pop star is that the wild clothes you wear put you at an increased risk of wardrobe malfunction.

Katy Perry learned that (again) the hard way on Monday night's American Idolwhen her pants split right down the middle of her butt. But Katy Perry wouldn't let something like that phase her, so she got up and danced, mooning the audience. She don't care.

It all started after contestant Maddie Poppe finished her collaborative performance with Colbie Caillat on Caillat's song "Bubbly." Perry laughed so hard that she split her pants, which she loudly announced as soon as it happened.

Then she got up and showed the audience, much to the chagrin of Lionel Richie, who said "save the children!" (Lionel Richie cares about the children; he wrote "We Are the World.") A stagehand taped her up, and the show went on. And Perry's such a pro that she was even able to give Poppe some constructive feedback while her pants were self-destructing.

Perry thought the whole thing was so funny that she shared the clip on Twitter, and the official American Idol account confirmed that it wasn't a stunt, she really did rip her pants.

This is the second time American Idol has had to cover Perry up with a strategically-placed logo this season; last month she fell while dancing in a short dress and gave the camera an eyeful.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday for one more week before switching to just Sundays for the Top 10 on April 29 at 8/7c on ABC.