Larry King, Katie Couric Larry King, Katie Couric

Prepare yourself for this mental image: Katie Couric and Larry King went on a date.

You doing alright there? Feel OK enough to continue? Good.

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Couric and King's only date happened 26 years ago when Couric, then 30, accepted a date from King, 23 years her senior — a decision she justifies by saying that at the time, she would have accepted a date from anyone (get it, girl!)."It was at one of these Italian restaurants where they put you right next to each other, like they do all the men and their 'nieces,'" Couric explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! But the date didn't end there."So we're having a nice enough time and we're going home and I see that we're going over Memorial Bridge and that's not the way to my apartment. So I go, 'Larry, where are we going?' And he goes, 'My place.' And I was like, 'Oh, mother of God.'"After arriving at his apartment, Couric recalled being shocked to see that its décor consisted mainly of Larry King memorabilia. "And that was sexy!" she joked.

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Though Couric might not have been turned on, somebody was. "So we sat there and what can I say, he lunged," Couric said, while

Jimmy Kimmel cracked up. "I love Larry, by the way. I do love him. But I started laughing a little bit because the whole situation was like out of a bad Lifetime movie."Watch Couric recount the tale in the video below. (It's worth it just to hear her King impression.)