Kathy Griffin by Marty Katz/Bravo Photo Kathy Griffin by Marty Katz/Bravo Photo

Could Kathy Griffin be done futzing with her face?

The D-Lister told Fitness magazine that she now realizes that plastic surgery is not necessarily doing her any good.

"I've been off the junk, as I call it, for five years," she says in the September issue, according to Us. "I've had face lift, eye job and all that stuff five years ago.... What I found, though, was that it didn't help me one bit. It didn't get me happier or didn't make me look particularly younger."

Griffin has famously said that she felt plastic surgery was necessary to keep her looking youthful - and keep her employed.

What do you say - are you glad that Griffin is "off the junk"? - Nina Hämmerling Smith