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Self-mocking comedienne and reality-TV lover Kathy Griffin has landed her own reality show. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET, on Bravo) tails the funny girl as she goes about her daily business, stopping to highlight her husband's struggle with weight loss or document her home remodeling on a shoestring. It sounds a bit dry on paper, but trust us, it is wickedly funny — so much so that TVGuide.com couldn't wait to call the raucous redhead, who proceeded to have us in stitches.

TVGuide.com: Hi! I loved the show, and I think I now have a little crush on your husband.
Kathy Griffin:
The producers said, "You know who's the hidden gem of the show?" I said, "He's not hidden; he is just the gem of the show.

TVGuide.com: Did he end up having the gastric-bypass surgery that he's considering in the first episode?
No, but here's the best part: He joined a 12-step program and has lost 108 lbs. It is unbelievable.

[Kathy has to step aside for a moment, so she passes the phone to her husband, Matt.]

TVGuide.com: What's it like being the husband of Kathy Griffin?
It's great, because she's not just like the public persona of "Kathy Griffin," but a real person, sensitive and caring. All the stuff that isn't a part of her persona I get to experience all the time.
Griffin: [Jumping back on the phone] Oh, my god, I totally refell in love with him during that conversation. I picked a good one.

TVGuide.com: Since you love reality shows, is D-List a complete dream come true?
I am really proud of the production company because I think they did an awesome job. [I had worried], "What if I am Omarosa on my own show? What if the whole show is what an a------ I am?" Or "What if it's just close-ups of my cellulite?" But they did such a great job at going for the comedy. The other thing is that they never staged anything. One thing I hate about a bad reality show is when it's not real. Have you seen the one called The Princes of Malibu? Totally staged.

TVGuide.com: How come you weren't the taxi driver on The Surreal Life  this season?
Griffin: I had an out-of-town job. I was really upset, but then they hired Andy Dick, which was great because I heard he was really f----- up and they had to send him home early. I'm like "That's Andy!" I [recently] met Janice Dickinson for the first time and I was so excited because I loved her on Top Model, but she was nothing like I expected. I thought she'd be like, "Come here, you crazy bitch!" but she was like, "I love you, and we have this mutual friend and did he tell you I love you?" It was totally surreal. She was really sweet and normal.

TVGuide.com: I love that you tried to get your house redesigned for next to nothing. Any tips for common folk like us?
I would say the most important thing is not to shop where the rich people shop. Every time I went to a furniture store in L.A., they'd be like, "We just did Courteney Cox's house" and then I'd be like,'You're not doing my house because I don't make $40 million a year." I had the best luck with designer Mike, who got all these great deals in Phoenix. You want to go to someplace where they don't put on airs. [Dog barks in background] I'm sorry, Captain the dog is crying because she wants to take part in the interview.

TVGuide.com: Captain, were you excited to be on TV?
She says that she is hungry and wants to know if she can eat some more poo. If you have any skunks, that would be great, too.

TVGuide.com: Um, back to decorating tips...
: Also, if you can get yourself a good gay on a free weekend, they'll do the whole damn thing. I wanted to get myself some outdoor furniture, and one of my gays goes, "You have to go to the gay True Value." And I was like, "There's a gay True Value?" Sure enough, it's like a showroom. I was like, "Holy s---, there's a gay True Value." Follow the gays.

TVGuide.com: Do you think there's anything below the D-list?
I think it stops at D. I feel like it's kind of silly to say E, F, G. I would like to say I'm not the bottom of the barrel. I'm in the barrel, but I'm not kidding myself. There are days where I'm floating at the top of the barrel. That's a good day for me.

TVGuide.com: Would you consider doing Dancing with the Stars or even Skating with Celebrities?
No, but somebody told me about [the latter]. I was like, "It doesn't even matter if I can ice-skate. Do you really think I'm putting on a leotard?" I don't care if I can do f------ pirouettes, I'm not wearing those crazy Nancy Kerrigan outfits. If it was "Dancing with the Stars in Sweatsuits," I might do it.

TVGuide.com: Do you ever hear from any of the people you make fun of on your specials, like Sharon Stone?
Sure enough, something like four days after The D-List [comedy special] premiered, I was seated next to her at a fashion show. I went up to her and asked ,"Are you p-----?" And she's acting like she's never heard of it. I'm like, "Sharon, I told a story about you on my Bravo special," and she's like, "Oh, that's great." Very gracious. A few minutes later, when she wasn't around, her sister says, "Sharon and I saw your special last night and it was really funny." She was totally busted.