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Like all good things, Kathy Griffin comes in threes! The brassy and funny redhead's newest Bravo special, Kathy Griffin: 50 & Not Pregnant, debuts Thursday at 10/9c, the same week the former D-List star is making 'em laugh in her very own Broadway show, Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony, and after popping up Tuesday as a Sarah Palin-esque regionals judge on Glee (8/7c, Fox). So how grateful are we that she could squeeze into her busy schedule a few minutes to chat.


TV Guide Magazine: Going to Broadway — does that mean you have your sights set on the Grand Slam of show business — the EGOT?

Griffin: What's an EGOT?


TV Guide Magazine: Emmy (you already have two), Grammy, Oscar, Tony.

Griffin: Yes, correct. And if I could bring back the CLIOs, which were the obscure commercial awards, I would. Or the CableACE Awards.


TV Guide Magazine: You've got your work cut out for you!

Griffin: I really do. Although I was excited when Melissa Leo said the "F" word during her Oscar speech, so I think there's clearly an Oscar in my future, because apparently now they're giving them out to Irish ladies who swear, which is just great.


TV Guide Magazine: How are you getting ready for Broadway?

Griffin: I did two shows at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and, of course, to keep myself grounded I also did a college gig in Kentucky. I want to make sure that no matter where you are coming from you will laugh.


TV Guide Magazine: What can theatergoers expect?

Griffin: It's very raw. What I do is tell stories — it's in the vein of classic one-woman shows, although I do not talk about getting molested or being bulimic, which is normally required. [Laughs] It's just a microphone and me and the show is going to change every show really due in part to Charlie Sheen.


TV Guide Magazine: He's everywhere; you can't escape him can you?

Griffin: Because of so many things that are ever changing in the pop-culture world, I just didn't want to do a show that was set in stone. Whatever celebrity run-ins I've personally had are always like first and foremost, because anybody can make a Britney Spears joke, but I like to make a Britney Spears joke about my encounter with Britney Spears.


TV Guide Magazine: Does that mean you will be stalking Charlie Sheen in the weeks leading up to the show?

Griffin: I don't think I have to. I think he's going to stalk me. I'm willing to be his third girlfriend. And, just so you know, I'm on a new drug and it's called Charlie Sheen.


TV Guide Magazine: And is it a good drug?

Griffin: It never runs out!


TV Guide Magazine: Any pre-Broadway jitters?

Griffin: My biggest fear is that I have a comedy disorder where I can't get off stage, so I think they may actually have to bring a hook, because if it were up to me I would do three hours per show.


TV Guide Magazine: Lucky for those who can't make it to Broadway, Bravo debuts the first of four stand-up specials on Thursday, March 17. It's called Kathy Griffin: 50 & Not Pregnant — you aren't suppose to reveal those things in Hollywood, are you?

Griffin: I only am giving away my age, because I have to. In the old days you could lie. Lisa Kudrow one day came up to me and said, "How are you now five years younger than me?" [Laughs] So I can't really do that anymore. Also, I decided since I have a banging bikini bod I should be loud and proud about it. And there are probably a lot of people that think I'm pregnant, so I just needed to clear up that rumor.


TV Guide Magazine: Has the special been taped yet?

Griffin: I just taped it and we're editing right now, so the funny thing is I did too much material, so I can't tell you exactly what's in the special, but I can tell you the people who probably shouldn't watch the special: Uma Thurman, Oprah, Gayle, anyone on the OWN Network. Actually, that's not true; I say so many positive things about the OWN Network that they probably won't even air them on Bravo.


TV Guide Magazine: Anyone else that you would recommend to not tune in?

Griffin: Let's see... Well, my mom, of course — she's always got to watch her back at the retirement community. And then I go off on these crazy tangents. I did like 20 minutes on My Strange Addiction. I think people on Broadway need to be made more aware that people eat glass.


TV Guide Magazine: You just taped an episode of Glee, too. Do tell?

Griffin: That is so exciting. And you should know that I came face to face with one of the people from my act... And her name is Gwyneth Paltrow.


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