Kathryn Joosten Kathryn Joosten

Why is Desperate Housewives' Mrs. McCluskey such a favorite of Academy voters? Joosten believes it's because "I'm relatable to every family. Everyone has one McCluskey in their family, but not everyone has a gorgeous Housewife." Joosten, who after six years of playing a recurring guest star will finally work this year as a series regular, submitted the episode in which her character received both a marriage proposal — and a cancer diagnosis. A touchy subject for a comedy category, but Joosten says she was purposely trying to show "a juxtaposition between the comedy and the drama." Joosten is happy to report that she, like her character, has been cancer-free now for nine months. "What was very important for me was visualizing my body's little warriors fighting the cancer cells. I do that daily."

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