Rove LA Rove LA

Thanks to her success first on Grey's Anatomy and its spin-off, Private Practice, Kate Walsh has been in the spotlight for years.

However, many fans may still be surprised to learn the actress did a night behind bars back before she moved to Los Angeles. Fortunately, she was totally game to dish on the harrowing experience on the latest episode of Rove LA, airing Saturday at midnight/11c on TV Guide Network.

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"I was a little bit bullied. I had to ride in the back of a cop car with a repeated offender," Walsh says of her night in jail. "[The offender] asked me if I had any warm clothes because she told me it was going to be very cold in prison."

So what happened behind bars? And, more importantly, how did she end up in the slammer in the first place? Watch this sneak peek to find out:

Rove LA airs Saturdays at midnight/11c on TV Guide Network.