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Kate Walsh got one great thing from a breakup: the idea for a new perfume.

"My boyfriend and I had just broken up and I missed his scent," the actress tells TVGuide.com. "I thought: Wouldn't it be a great idea for a perfume with masculine notes but feminine combined?"

The result: her perfume, called ... Boyfriend.

Kate Walsh returning to Grey's Anatomy

On-screen, the Private Practice star has finally settled into a stable relationship with boyfriend — and her best friend's ex-husband — Sam. But, she warns, things are going to get a bit rocky for "Addisam."

"There's a bumpy ride coming up," she says. "It gets pretty intense and insane."

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Kate Walsh shares her "Boyfriend" story

Private Practice's Kate Walsh shares what episodes she's excited for and the story behind her new perfume, Boyfriend.|Private Practice|Kate Walsh|

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