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Kate Gosselin says she is glad to have her old camera crew back with her children to film a series of specials for TLC's Kate Plus 8.

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"I am very happy I was able to put that back in their lives and there is nothing negative about it," Gosselin said during a Today show interview on Friday. "I love our crew. The cameras are on, and I love them. And the cameras are off, and they're helping me around the house. ... They are family. Production assistants come and babysit my kids sometimes even."

Kate also addressed her relationship with ex-husband Jon Gosselin since he filed for custody of the couple's eight children in April.

"He's dropped the custody battle," the Dancing with the Stars alum said. "At this very moment, things are peaceful. He's amicable — at this very moment. I never know when that's going to change. I worry everyday where we're going to be."

VIDEO: Inside Kate Gosselin's new show

Though Gosselin says she's not ready to date, she says she's been forced to deal with Jon's new relationships because of the children.

"You know, it's hard. [The kids] come home and I have to discuss things, " Gosselin said. "They ask me questions where his girlfriends are concerned, and it's just a situation I have to deal with with them."

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Kate Plus 8 airs Sunday at 9/8c on TLC.