Jesse James and Kat Von D Jesse James and Kat Von D

Here we go again: Kat Von D and Jesse James have split.

The couple, who were planning to wed this summer, first separated in late July. By August, their engagement was back on, just as TLC canceled Von D's series L.A. Ink. Now things are again over.

Bad news, good news! TLC cancels LA Ink; Kat Von D engaged to Jesse James again

"I am not in a relationship," Von D wrote on her Facebook page, attempting to answer a variety of fan questions she's received since her series went off that air on Sept. 15. "And I apologize for all the 'back and forth' if it's caused any confusion."

The pair started dating in summer 2010, shortly after news of James' cheating led to his divorce from Sandra Bullock.

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"It was clear to me that we were just on two different paths in life," Von D tells People of the breakup. "My friend put it best when he said I could never be more deserving of total, noble love. And as a woman, I think it's important to know your value and never lose sight of that."