Kat Von D Kat Von D

"I still have a lot of mixed feeling about reality television," admits Kat Von D, the Hollywood tattoo artist whose reality series, LA Ink, returned for a fourth season last week (Wednesdays, 10/9c, TLC). "I've lost friends but I've made new friends, too, and the show has basically changed everything for me." Season 3 ended with the surprise departure of Corey Miller, Kat's longtime mentor and business partner at High Voltage, her L.A. tattoo parlor. "There were definitely a lot of hurt feelings and still are, but I understand people have to move on," she says.

Poor Kat, meanwhile, barely has time to breathe this season. She's writing a second book, her shop and product lines are expanding, and so is her relationship with rocker and radio host Nikki Sixx.

"I finally get to tattoo him," she says (comedian Bobcat Goldthwait and Lost's Dominic Monaghan will also get inked). And there's a new "character" — pro BMXer Mike Escamilla, better known as Rooftop. "He's my new roomie, and he's got this fearsome energy — he's lively, he's comical and he's super, super hot," Kat says. "He's going to blow everybody out of the water this year."

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